Begeleiding aanvragen

Veronica Popa

2 years ago I moved together with my children in The Nederlands. One of my biggest worries was that the kids ( they were at that time 9 and 11 years old) will not adjust properly and they will have difficulties with learning the Dutch language. So, the first steps I did was to search for a private teacher to give them lessons. I knew that I cannot help my kids with the school homework and I cannot correct their pronunciation.

They started the lessons with Rene Jonker. He immediately established a friendly and trusty connection with the kids. They learnt easily by having fun and doing projects. In short time the results started to appear. After only one year and a half, my son scored 92% for the entreetoots. I found it remarkable. My daughter was admitted to a good school in Hoofdorp. She has very good results and no difficulties with the language. She continues once per week the private lessons.

The best feedback I could ever receive about their level of Dutch language from all my Dutch colleagues and friends is that they cannot distinguish between a well educated Dutch child and my children. They have an extended vocabulary and a correct pronunciation.

I consider that helping our children from an early moment to create and develop a solid base of knowledge is the best investment we can do as parents for the future of our children.

I warmly recommend meester Rene Jonker to any parent willing to see great results in a short time. And last but not least, you will appreciate the value for money when you will see how the grades of your child go up!